Theurgy - magic of the priests

    Theurgy - one of the many varieties of magic. It translation in Greek has two basic meanings: a deity or a divine work, and a sacrifice or a ritual. This kind of magic involves communication between a sorcerer or a magician, and a god or gods, if we talk about polytheism.



    It is believed that this kind of magic first appeared in the practices of ancient Egyptian priests. The appearance of the practice of the priests, as the magic attributed to the cradle of ancient Egyptian and ancient Sumerian civilization. Both cultures as widely as possible have used this type of magic as the strong basis for their practical magical actions related in turn to the sacrifices and ceremonies. Initially, theurgy was not intended for the complete absorption of the deity of the human ego. The aim of this magical practice was close interaction to create a union.



    An important feature of the gods, were noticed by ancient tags, laid in the fact that the only way of a direct manifestation of the will of the gods in our world are so-called “forces of nature”, for the direct personal human contact with the God is necessary to create special conditions. For the creation of special conditions in which the deity cannot be shown as “engine” of the forces of nature, but as a person, theurgist activities were aimed.



    In many ancient Egyptian texts it is not talking about the request to the gods, but rather to about the orders to them. Priests later became the reference in the texts to their own divinity and even started to threaten the gods that in case of disobedience, they will create an alliance with another god.



    It is said that such magic was secret and practices of theurgy were known only to the initiated and chosen priests, which in turn protected and hidden these practices, rites and rituals of the ordinary mortals. The magical grimoire "Book of the Dead" talks about the sacred rites, which were committed by theurgists. However, the book also talks about the strict prohibition to tell or show to ordinary people the magic of Theurgy.



    Modern kind of theurgist magic is a set of measures to obtain divine help in any case. Also it is not only a kind of magic, but also a type of esoteric science, such as esoteric Christianity. In fact, from such a science as theology, science which studies gods and divine Providence, this kind of magic and witchcraft differs only in a practical side of the theurgist magic.

    The magic of the priests perfectly combines the desire of the gods and the efforts of people. This means that only God at will and discretion may or may not help the man, but the man has a certain influence on the decision. The main idea of the magic the priests are - do not incur the wrath of the gods, but also do not show the weakness in front of the gods.

    Magic is intended to summon the gods to complete the action requires the presence of certain items, as well as a few basic features.



    The first necessary condition is to train a person to accept the changes, the passage of a certain ritual, which will allow practicing, calling upon the help of God or Gods. This training is necessary because the power that the gods give far exceeds human capabilities. Therefore, to the human body and soul could take effect, there should be done an initiation ceremony.



    The second condition for the theurgist magic is a need for the subject, or sign of things which would have represented God. In magic, theurgy, that item is often called “Kap”. It is believed that the magic of the priests and the invocation of the gods appeal without such an object or mark will have no effect. This means you must have special items for proper ritual.



    Magic which calls divine forces are not always favorable, and in fact, in general, you can never get an answer from the gods, if they do not believe in your intentions. Sometimes, rituals fraught with anger the gods. Therefore it is always necessary to be prepared for failure, or even failure of several gods or even their anger.

    Modern Theurgy is considered to be the safest and easiest kind of magic and witchcraft. However, do not be so easy and safe to treat this kind of magic because, as you can always bring the wrath of the Gods.



    Modern philosophers who actively publish their works on the subject, saying that signs of theurgist magic, can now be found in all major religions of the world. The first and most obvious sign of the variety of magic and esoteric is worship, which is present both in Christianity and in Islam.



    In fact, it is not surprising that modern religion and philosophy has much signs of the ancient Egyptian practices and rituals of the ancient Sumerian, after all from the cradles of this civilizations came a religion to us, a belief in one God and the prophets. We can meet the signs of it, as a kind of esoteric arts in philosophy is as simple in modern times, due to the fact that one theory was that the Plato became the founder of the philosophical theurgy as it is today.


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