Charms of the Disney World

    Wonderful World of Disney shows us that the mythical and magical world might be very different. It can live like Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses, like little boys and little girls like Pirates and evil witches who want to charm and to enchant all. In the world of Disney magic and enchantment are everywhere in the castle, on the farm, in the dark forest and on the edge. Watching these children's cartoons begin to believe that the magic really all around us.

Sleeping Beauty (1959)



    The very far fairyland was ruled by the good king and a queen. They long wanted to have children, and when their beautiful awaited daughter with a golden hair was born they called for a holiday the whole kingdom. For the celebration they invited all the good fairies named Flora, Fauna and Good Weather. However, the evil witch Maleficent was not invited to the feast of the birth of the princess Aurora.



    Wicked Witch was so humiliated and offended in such a ratio that she has decided to impose a curse and to charm little Princess Aurora. Appeared uninvited to a celebration she cursed a beautiful girl – on the day of her 16th birthday Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle and will fall asleep in eternal sleep. Witchcraft was so powerful that the three good fairies couldn’t destroy it, but they changed it, saying that the princess will not die but she will just fall asleep and will be awaken with a kiss of a handsome prince...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)



    The first full-length animated film created by Walt Disney studio. The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that was written by the Brothers Grimm had a thousand and one interpretations, but the story that was told by Walt Disney is the most beloved by children and adults.



    The evil stepmother, the witch, whose strength, is in her mirrors, got to know that little Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Angry witch sends Snow White in the enchanted forest and orders the hunter, her faithful servant, to follow Snow White and to kill her. However, the hunter releases her and she runs off into the dense thicket of the forest, where she meets seven dwarfs. Seven Dwarfs invite Snow White to live with them and they hide her from the evil queen stepmother that using a mirror to enchant Snow White as she got to know that the hunter didn’t kill her. Good triumphs over evil in the end and everyone is happy, even after evil witch Queen had to charm her mirrors.

Cinderella (1950)



    This story is familiar to every girl since childhood. Precisely after this interpretation from Walt Disney Studio every little girl began to dream about how to marry a handsome prince.

    History tells the story of the good girl named Cinderella, which got her name from the daughters of her stepmother, because she has always been in the ash.

    Cinderella’s stepmother makes her to do all the dirty and hard work in the house, with no regard for her wishes. But Cinderella has such a good heart; she suffers all the anger and resentment that causes her stepmother and sisters.



    On one day King organize in the Kingdom the ball, where the prince will choose a beautiful young woman whom he marries. Stepmother wants to bring daughters to the ball, in the hopes of engagement of one of the daughters of the king with his son. Cinderella is also hoped that they will take for the ball, but the step-mother realize how beautiful Cinderella is, forcing her to stay at home.

    To help the girl to go to the ball her fairy godmother because of the Cinderella’s kindness gives her a coach that she had to charm from a pumpkin, fine clothes and charming glass shoes. But a godmother magic last only until midnight.

Peter Pan (1953)



    Lovely children tale about friendship, dreams, love and that everything is possible, the main thing is to want it.

    Weight inventor Peter Pan lives in a land called Neverland, and on one of the days, trying to catch his shadow he got to London. In London, Peter finds friends, girl Wendy and her two brothers, varmints John and Michael.



    Together, they go to Neverland and enter the enchanted world. Now the whole gang will have to save an Indian princess named Tiger Lily, with who Peter is in love, as well as escape from the villain, the well-known Captain Hook, who preys on young boys and girls. Peter has to teach Wendy and her brothers, that the magic is possible in Neverland and teaches them how to charm and captivate.

    A wonderful fairytale that was drawn by Walt Disney Studio received the franchise of the story which was published only 50 years later.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)



    In the darkest enchanted forest monster lives in the castle an awful creature, a beast, which keeps at bay all around. Only a young girl named Belle is so brave and kind to melt the beasts’ heart and to return a human form to him, Prince, whom he had once been, before the evil witch had to charm him, and didst send a curse on him - he will never become a man again until the young beautiful girl does not love him. However, enchanted prince in almost has no time. After all, the curse will gain full power when the bud is the last petal of an enchanted rose. But here, in his castle gets beautiful Belle and the Beast there is hope.



    Of course, the tale is a fable and has good end, even after a witch had to charm a handsome Price. Monster acquires the appearance of the prince and they live with Belle happily, but for this they will have to overcome many obstacles.


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