Traditional Christmas dishes and treats from different countries

    Christmas - one of the most beloved and long-awaited Christian holidays worldwide. For many it is associated with happiness, joy and good mood. For Christmas people usually spend time with family, friends and relatives, preparing delicious meals and enjoy a rich table. And every country has its own special traditional dishes, which are always served at the table on Christmas Eve. Never mind that our Christmas is celebrated later than Catholic, some recipes and treats, we may well borrow.

    In England, Christmas is met with turkey with cranberry sauce, garnish which is served with Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, boiled or steamed vegetables. Another popular dish - pork legs, decorated with cherries and cloves. A traditional dessert - pudding with raisins, candied fruit, fruit and nuts, which is before serving mixed with rum and liqueur and set on fire. Christmas drink is hot British ale.

    In France, the traditional Christmas dishes - are specially cooked turkey with cognac and cream, chestnuts, foie gras, oysters, smoked salmon and various types of cheese. For dessert, usually served Christmas log - creamy cake, and from drinks - French champagne and dry wines.

    In Germany, the main dishes and treats of Christmas table are a goose with apples, prunes and cabbage, salmon with cream, pork with sauerkraut and homemade pies. On the table should be 7-9 meals of food, symbolizing the origin of life: eggs, wheat, peas, and beans. As a traditional drink Germans are preparing a special Christmas mulled wine, and for dessert prefer pecan pie and marzipan cake with cream or meringue.

    In Italy, Christmas cannot be perfect without a homemade pork sausage Kotekino, which is served in a loaf together with the pears, shallots, onions, juniper berries and numerous spices. Also on the holiday table is usually served small ravioli tortellini, roasted pork legs and traditional pasta. The usual dessert treats that day - pannetone cake stuffed with dried fruit and drinks - dry or sparkling wine.

    In Spain, on Christmas Eve people fry lamb, cook turkey, suckling pig, seafood dishes and treats. For dessert, is served nougat with cream and nuts, marzipan, toasted almonds, honey and sugar.

    In the Czech Republic do not eat meat on Christmas Eve, as part of this tradition, the Christmas meal is fried carp with potato salad. It is also customary to cook different Christmas cookies, which are distributed to the guests.

    In Poland, on the festive table must be present on Christmas Eve 12-course meatless - the number of the apostles. For the first is usually prepared sour beet broth with tiny dumplings - borsch with ears, and the main dish is a carp. As sweet dishes cakes and biscuits are served. On Christmas Eve, the Poles do not drink alcohol, but at Christmas gather around the table with different kinds of meat and wine.

    In Finland, the main dish is the Christmas ham, which is jammed with mustard and bread. To a festive table Finns eat ham, chicken legs, fish, liver casserole with raisins, beet salad, baked potatoes or turnips. The traditional drink for Christmas is considered to be mulled.

    In Greece, preparing a turkey in wine and traditional cake vasilopeta and roast suckling pig and served with him baked potato.

    In Armenia, traditionally prepared meatless sweet pilaf with pistachios, nuts and dried fruits, be sure to bake mud pies, one of which hides a penny "for luck", baked, fried or boiled trout.

    In the US, many traditions are borrowed from European countries, often at the table is served turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffed with bread, cheese, prunes, garlic, beans, mushrooms, apples and cabbage and veal with spices and herbs. Different states have their own special dishes and treats, which are usually prepared for Christmas. The main drink of a holiday is eggnog - dense mix of whipped eggs and cream with the addition of spices.

    The English part of Canada’s Christmas dinners is not much different from the British or American. A popular drink in the winter holidays - eggnog - Milk Punch with whipped eggs and alcohol. In the French part of Canada most people being followed by the French customs.

    In Mexico this day prefer to give up burritos and to cook baked pig with a side dish of rice, sweet pepper and black beans, as well as snacks from a variety of vegetables and cheese. Alcoholic beverages served constant tequila, and for dessert - artless tortillas made from corn flour.

    In Argentina, Christmas Eve begins with the meat treats - roasted peacock, beef, pork or turkey, and ends with a pie filling and sweet puddings.

    Brazil combines the Christmas traditions of many peoples: the main dishes and treats of the holiday table are often fish or pork, versatile side dish - colored rice, fruit salad and nuts.

    In Peru, the family usually gets together to enjoy a turkey stuffed with minced meat and nuts and decorated with slices of fresh pineapple and cherries, roasted potatoes and apple sauce. For dessert served marzipan, raisins, almonds and pannetone cake with a cup of hot chocolate.

    In Japan, every dish has a meaning. For example, soba - buckwheat noodles with broth - symbolizes longevity. The Japanese also eat misfire-RIOR - a set of seafood: fish, shrimp, herring roe, lobster, oysters, seaweed, to which is added the soup with rice cakes ozone. From drinks in this country people drink green tea and rice vodka.


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