Top 10 vampires in the movies

    The theme of vampires in film at the moment is one of the most popular is not surprising that everyone is interested, who is considered as the best actor to play a vampire. Here are the top 10 best actors who have assumed this role.


1. "The Vampire Diaries"



    So, we should start with the most popular and memorable of the series "The Vampire Diaries," which was released 7 years ago and till this day is the most popular among young audience. The first place of our top 10 – is Ian Somerhalder ("The Vampire Diaries", 2009-2013).  In the movie this actor plays the role of a villain named Damon Salvatore. Actually in the "Vampire Diaries", he appears as a cruel and very calculating killer, but with time everything in his life and behavior changes. We all begin to understand what made out of him such a cruel person and vampire and why his cruelty borders with a true and real love and dedication himself to his closest people and beloved.


2. "Vampire Academy", 2014



    Danila Kozlovsky is on the second place of our top 10 vampires. This Russian actor plays the vampire Dmitry Belikov. He is half vampire and half human. In the movie he is a bodyguard of the royal vampire families.  When it comes to a showdown with the evil spirits and different demons, Belikov is very calm and composure, but when it comes to love - he is passionate and reckless. The "Vampire Academy" is the first Hollywood movie of an actor and actually when the shooting started he almost didn’t know English.


3. "Twilight", 2008



    The third place of our top 10 owns without any other words – Robert Pattinson. In this movie, Robert plays the role of a young and very handsome vampire Edward Cullen. His family call themselves vegetarians because they all drink only animal blood and they don’t kill human for food. Along with the usual teenage Edward also goes to high school because he was only 17 when his vampire father made a vampire of him saving from an awful disease. .One day he is saving his classmate and new in the city - Bella Swan, from the collision with the car. He accidentally shows to her his superhuman strength, and then falls in love with Bella.


4. “Interview with the Vampire", 1994



    Brad Pitt in the role of an aristocrat Louie is our fourth place. Brad always has such a different roles and role of a vampire fits him a lot.  In the movie Pitt appears in front of the audience in the role of Louis, very rich aristocrat of the XVIII century. His wife died in childbirth with her child. After this tragic death of his beloved Louie goes deep in the depression and desire to live leaves him. The hero indulges in all serious hoping to find death, but one day he meets one of the most powerful vampires of the Old World a vampire named Lestat. After a while Lestat turns Louie into a creature of the night.


5. “Dark Shadows”, 2012



    Depp as Barnabas Collins is the fifth place of our chart. In the movie Depp plays Barnabas Collins who is a wealthy and very powerful nobleman, heartthrob and owner of a fishing factory. One day he strongly falls in love with a woman named Josette Dyupre.

    Maid of the Barnabas Angelique Bouchard is in love with her master and of course she is taking steps to prevent this union. Bouchard uses magic to make Josette fold over the cliff. Last dies, and her lover turns into a vampire. Handling becomes a kind of punishment - Barnabas to suffer forever.


6. “True Blood”, 2008-2014



    Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton is our mister sixth spot in our top 10.

In the film the hero of Stephen Moyer is a 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton. With the invention of the synthetic blood all the vampires don’t have to hide anymore and kill people. They just can buy this drink in every shop. He meets the girl, which is working as a Waitress.  She feels some strange attraction and falls in love with the vampire. But after a while a couple is accused of a series of mysterious murders taking place in the city.


7.  "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer", 1997-2003



    On the seventh place of our top you can see James Marsters.

    In the film the hero of James Marsters is Spike one of the evil and cruel vampires. During his lifetime he was a refined and modest poet, was nicknamed for his bloody awkward and unpopular poem. One late evening, William decided to confess his love Cecily aristocrat who was the object of his yearnings. But she made it clear to the young man that he was not a right match for her. William frustrated to the core, completely disillusioned with his poetry, and soon faced on the street with a man in the company of two attractive women. One of them an old and cruel vampire Drusilla that already for a long time wanted to create for themselves a life partner.  She is seeing the hidden potential in William and she turns him into a vampire.


8. TV's "Dracula", 2013-2014



    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is our place eight. In the movie Jonathan plays the role of a mysterious vampire Dracula the one of the American vampires and entrepreneur that wants to bring a very new and modern science to the Victorian opened society. He is particularly interested in the new technology of making electricity, which promises to make the night a lot brighter, which is very useful for those who try to avoid the day light.


9. "Dracula", 2014



    Luke Evans takes place nine in our top 10.

    In the film the hero Luke Evans is a handsome and powerful man called Vlad Dracula. He is the greatest and strongest ruler, the true valiant warrior and of course passionate man. But fate brought him to the enemy, treachery which knew no bounds. Dracula was forced to make a deal: to get superhuman strength, in exchange for just a little - an immortal soul.


10. "Fright Night", 2011



    Colin Farrell and his hero one of the cruel vampires Jerry Dandridge takes the last tenth spot in our top 10.

    After moving to a new place, Jerry turns into their neighborhood hunting ground. Unlike many other vampires, he does not distinguish love to humans.


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