Top 5 best psychological TV – shows. Are you a Hunter or a Victim?

    We bring to your attention a bloodthirsty Top 3 - the best TV shows in which death is more important than life. We are talking about the tapes, which are built around the stories of murders, victim and murderers. Psychology, intrigue and peradventure - are the three pillars upon which our entire list. Are you already interested? Then - enjoy!

    “Criminal Minds”

    Ten seasons, filled with the murderous scenes, which would have envied most intricate psychopathic imagination. Erotomaniac, cannibals, sexual predators, pedophiles, religious fanatics, schizophrenics, avengers, and psychopaths with the overvalued ideas ... Any mental hospital would envy such collection of histories! Someone acting dirty and rough, and someone shows "virtuosity" of his skill.

    And though to find such people is not easy, we - the audience - can for at least half an hour observe the work of a maniac, sometimes condemning, sometimes with indignation, and sometimes with interest. To catch all these people has a special FBI team, which includes not just ordinary operatives, but the real "criminal minds" - among of them are trained fighters, and psychologists and profilers, and a fully developed intellectuals.


    Sweden and Denmark have between them something in common - a bridge, which separates and unites them. This bridge belongs to the both countries. And the terrorist, who planned to undermine the social fabric on either side, not missed the chance to take advantage of a unique opportunity - to deliver the troubles to the Swedish and Danish police, who are forced to investigate the murder of a man, which was found exactly on the border between the two countries.

    However, very soon it turns out that the murder is not the only and that's it is over. Social injustice turns into deep personal motives; it is always incredibly interesting for the spectators. Detective Sarah Nogent and Martin Rohde will learn to co-exist in the same space, to stop the outbreak of senseless brutality. Bonus - they will have to work together again in the second season to stop deliberately caused epidemic of pneumonic plague. There is also an American version of the show with the same name.

    “The Mentalist”

    This is a comedy, which turns into a serious drama about a genius victim. But ... I do not cease to be a source of good humor! I mean, jokes of Patrick Jane - one of the cornerstones of the show's popularity, no doubt. And yet the murder, many many many different murders - it’s tempting for investigate, together with the heroes of the series. He is brutal, absurd, clever, unusual, and shocking ... For every taste. A special place in the criminal history gets a maniac named Red John. Patrick publicly gave his "psychological profile", which has made the killer really angry. In retaliation, John killed the wife and daughter of the Mentalist.

    And since then, the whole life of Patrick, his work in FBI and his new connections and even silly jokes - everything is subject to personal revenge and dreams one day to hunt down Red John to take revenge and close the old debts. Vivid and memorable TV series, which became one of the most successful on the TV market in recent years.

    “Murder” («The Killing»)

    Viewers can immediately choose which of the two versions of the TV-shows they are going to watch: the original Danish or American shot on this basis; the difference in the names of the locations, the cast, the budget and the Scandinavian atmosphere, which is difficult to repeat even for TV geniuses from US. However, the creators claim that they came up with their own world and even their own suspect in the murder of the young Rosie. Is it so? Take a look - and find out for yourself!

    It all starts with the murder of a teenage girl, young and beautiful victim, and ends in politics and tangle of secrets that have to unscrew the police in the pursuit of justice. Another complication - an experienced detective and concurrently the main character is planning to leave the service to go with her fiancé to another city and another life. Alas, it does not turn. The success of the series has inspired the creators to produce the second, third and fourth seasons.

    “Body of Proof”

    Dr. Megan Hunt could become a great American neurosurgeon ... if she would not got in the awful car accident. Her Daughter offended by always busy mother, who feels herself as a victim, on a surgical career is bold cross and no other ideas on "What to do next." The decision comes unexpectedly - so simple and ingenious. Dr. Hunt will be engaged in the elite of forensics!  Her rare talent shouldn’t disappear and will dig into other people's minds and to notice the tiniest clues, inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

    Fortunately, America has never been a shortage of psychopaths who can skillfully cover their tracks. They sooner or later will still be found by a clever, bold and cynical Megan order that and want to christen the "walking encyclopedia." Criminals appreciated worthy opponent - including a very attractive among the admirers of a serial killer Megan Hunt.

    Do you like to watch out for victims, killers, psychologists, police officers and detectives? Then our list of unique and inimitable TV-shows about the victim of the murder or the incredible catastrophe, serial killer psychopath to your attention!


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