Top 10 the biggest volcanoes of Russia

    Volcanoes are natural solid formation that appeared on the surface of the earth's crust as a result of various natural phenomena. The ash, gases, loose rock and lava - all these are the products of the natural volcanic edifice, which took place for already a few million years. At the moment, on the entire Earth, there are thousands of such geological formations. Some of them are active, while others are considered to be extinct, or also known as sleeping. The world’s largest volcano is the Ojos - Del – Salado, which is located on the border of Argentina and Chile. Its height is 6893 m. Russia also has large volcanoes. In total there are more than hundreds of them and they are located on Kamchatka and on the Kuril Islands. Which one is the biggest in Russia, you can discover from our top 10.

10. The Sarychev Peak 1496 m



    This Russian volcano is 1496 m high and it opens our top ten. It is located on the Kuril Islands. It is called after one of the greatest scientists - Gavriil Andreevich Sarychev. This is one of the most active volcanoes in Russia and in the whole world today. Its feature is the short-term, but strong eruptions. The most significant eruptions were in 2009, in which the clubs of ashes reached 16 kilometers height and spread over a distance of 3000 kilometers.

9. Karymsky 1468 m



    Karymsky Volcano – is an active and one of the most powerful stratovolcanoes of the East Ridge. Its height is 1468 meters. The diameter of the crater considered to be 250 meters, and the depth - 120 meters. The last eruption of this volcano recorded in 2014. Along with the active volcano usually bring eruption also these Russian volcanoes: Sheveluch, Kluchevskoy. This is a relatively young volcano that hasn’t yet reached its maximum size.

8. Shishel 2525 m



    Shishel referred as already extinct or dormant volcano. The last date of the eruption of this volcano is unknown. This one, like Ichinsky volcano, is the part of the Mid-Range. The height of Shishel is about 2525 meters. The diameter of the crater is around 3 kilometers and a depth of it is about 80 meters. The area, which took the volcano, is 43 meters, and the volume of erupted material - about 10 c. km. It belongs to the largest volcanoes of Russia.

7. Volcano Avacha 2741 m



    Avacha - is one of the most active and large formation on the territory of Kamchatka. The height of this volcano is 2741 meters and the diameter of the crater is 4 kilometers and in depth - 250 meters. During the last eruption, which occurred in 1991, there were two powerful explosions, and the crater cavity is completely filled with lava, formed the so-called lava tube. Avacha are among the most active volcanoes in the Kamchatka region. This is one of the most rarely visited Ranges by geologists because of its relative affordability and easy lifting; it does not require special equipment or training.

    6. Sheveluch 3307 m



    Sheveluch - is one of the largest and most active between all volcanos in Russia, its height is 3307 meters above the sea level. It has a double crater, which was formed during the eruption. The diameter of the first is 1700 meters, another is 2000 meters. The strongest eruption observed in November 1964, when he has ejected ash for a 15 km height, and then volcanic products have spilled over for a distance of 20 km. The eruption of 2005 was devastating for the volcano and has reduced its height for more than 100 meters.

5. Koryaksky 3456 m



    Koryaksky is among the ten largest in Russia. Its height is about 3456 meters, and the top of it is visible for 10 kilometers. The diameter of the crater is 2 kilometer; the depth is relatively small - 30 meters. During the entire existence only 3 three powerful eruptions are mentioned: 1895, 1956 and 2008. All eruptions were accompanied by small earthquakes. As a result of the earthquake of 1956, in the body of the volcano formed a huge crack, the length of which reached half of a kilometer and a width of 15 meters.

 4. Kronotsky 3528 m



    Kronotsky is settled on Kamchatka coast, the height of which reaches 3528 meters. Active stratovolcano has a vertex of a regular ribbed cone. Cracks and holes still exude hot gases - fumaroles. Earlier the active fumarole activity recorded in 1923. The eruptions of lava and ash are extremely rare. The top of the volcano covered with a glacier, visible at a distance of 200 kilometers. Kronotsky referred as the most picturesque volcano in Russia.

 3. Ichinsky 3621 m



    Ichinsky – is a volcano settled on the Kamchatka Peninsula and is one of the three largest in Russia. The height of this volcano is 3621 meters. Its area is about 560 square meters, and the volume of erupted lava - 450 km3. Ichinsky volcano is a part of the Mid-Range, and is currently showing weak fumarole activity. The last eruption recorded in 1740.

2. Tolbachik 3682 m



    Tolbachik volcanic massif belongs to the group of Kluchevskoy volcanoes. It consists of two fused stratovolcanoes – Acute Tolbachik (3682 meters) and Flat Tolbachik or Tuluach (3140 meters). Acute Tolbachik belongs to an extinct stratovolcano. Flat Tolbachik - acting stratovolcano, whose last eruption began in 2012 and continues till today. Its special feature is very rare. The diameter of the crater is about 3000 meters.

1. Kluchevskoy 49



    Kluchevskoy - is the oldest active volcano in Russia. Its age is estimated to be seven thousand years, and the height varies between 4700-4900 meters above sea level. It has 30 side craters. The diameter of the summit crater is about 1250 meters, and its depth - 340 meters. The last eruption of the giant observed in 2013, and the height thereof reached 4835 meters. Kluchevskoy called stratovolcano, because it has a regular conical shape.


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