Voodoo Magic

    Ask anyone to tell you about voodoo. He will say that it's an African black magic that has been created for the destruction of a man. Everyone has heard about the power of the voodoo doll which can not only curse you but can also mortify you. This is the strongest magic, but not always it is only the black magic which brings death.



    Voodoo Magic - is the most famous kind of magic, about which today is so much talk. At the same time, this witchcraft is now considered to be the most violent of all directions. With this kind of magic associated many prejudices and the greatest role in this was played by Hollywood, turning it into a kind of a rite with the terrible destructive power. But only a few know that there are rituals for attracting money or the ceremonies which give love.

 White Magic and black magic



    For many people this kind of magic - it is the magic of the black Africans. Voodoo dolls, the ritual death, the mysterious spells, charms, human destruction, zombies ... Indeed, and this is too. This is one of the varieties of voodoo - Petro. As you know, the invisible spirits - Loa - are assisting this magic. They will serve to those people, who are willing to serve them. The spirits live in rocks or trees, sometimes in animal bodies. All Loa are divided into three groups, each of Loa are devoted their ceremonies, songs and colors.

    Rada Loa. It's the good spirits. Their color is white. They can help to fulfill those requests that do not harm another person. These spirits do not require great sacrifices. But their help is not significant, they are not very strong.



   Guede Loa. These are spirits of the dead. Their colors are black and purple. At the head of the spirits is Guede. These Loa are very obscene and vulgar but they can give a prophecy, as well as the jokes and advices.



    Petro Loa. The most terrible spirits are Loa spirits called Petro. Their color – is red. They represent revenge, threat and death. It appeals to the sorcerer when he wants to cause harm to another by means of a voodoo doll. This is the most aggressive and violent spirits. Anyone who reads the spell, turning to these spirits, receives assistance in the most difficult matters. Rada Loa next to them – are the children, which cannot match to the supernatural abilities and the power of magic. But these Loa are enslaving man, to help him only if he promises to serve them. If the sorcerer breaks a promise, they begin to take revenge.



    Therefore, if you have decided to try your hand into magic, you have to think, before you use spells and voodoo dolls to kill the person. Your desires, even the most daring dreams will come true but you will have to pay a lifetime. This black African magic is associated with the most powerful but at the same time the evilest spirits. Breaking with them will be not just difficult, but impossible. Causing the death using their powers, means that you are agree to perpetual slavery.

The rite of love



    At home, you can perform a ritual that is causing love from the one you love. You need a doll to make ritual work. It is not very difficult to make it. You have to try to get a few hairs of a beloved, a piece of his fingernails or a thread out of his clothing or a button.



    Using these components, you have to create the doll. While creating her, it is important to think about, whose love you are seeking, thus tying this doll and the person. When the doll is ready, you need to take a white paper and a bit of your own blood to write down the name of a loved one, and then attach the sheet to the doll with a needle. To do this, choose a place where the heart is located. When everything is ready, you need to say the words three times:  "Ara cat IMHO, Taba bark Teal'c, Zora Chaz sufferz!”

    Soon the charms should start working. But until it happens you have to take the doll out from the hiding place several times a month and think about your beloved.

The ritual to attract money



    Love and hate can strongly affect our lives, so these charms are very popular. But no less important are the conspiracies that help to earn the money because without them in today's world, it is not just difficult but impossible to live. In voodoo magic, there is a ritual which is called "silver". People were using it in ancient times to earn the money.



    Before you carry out this ritual, you need to determine the amount of money that you need. It should be the specific number, not just "a lot of money." Conspiracies to attract money will work if you can find everything you need for it: silver objects (you can take the fake, but while performing a ritual, it is important to believe that it is silver), a silver candlestick and a clay pot.



    We need to find a pot of clay and seven silver coins. They should be clean, sparkling and attractive. Every day, during the week, you have to take this pot and read the special words on it.

    "Akiya tillos cue (customer name) ah Wood voom! Kiyama (sorcerer name) pirriaam Lycos tilom Amiro Marus missuya, Kykkos tilom Maya ah! Hay Wood! Wood! Wood! Zec-Zeleke Siyam Pinax kikum vivos ai Rabus, atilo, missuyya sikol, ah-ly Akira Tilly miyas amiros Wood ah! Wood! Wood! "

    After you complete the ritual, it is necessary to put some coins into the pot from time to time, keeping the magic of the ritual. As a result, after a while, you will see that more money comes into your family, or that you are earning more money.


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