Warlocks in the history

    Since ancient times it was believed that the magic is the subject only for women. That is why during the entire history of the witch hunt, the men hanged and burned as warlocks were not as much as women, who indiscriminately were sent on fire and burnt. However, it is men who became the ancestors of the magical arts in the modern history. Who were the greatest magicians, wizards and soothsayers in the history and how they have influenced the further development of magic and esoteric? This and even more you can find in the article below.

George Pikingill



    Name George Pikingill sounds like the name of the hero of the mystical horror story. The man from the 19th century, very tall with a long and sharp nails like the sharp claws of a wild animal. That is how he is described by the people of that time. George was fairly well-known personality in the history, who according to witnesses was practicing black and dark magic and was a warlock. Sorcerer himself claimed that supernatural power he had inherited, and he is a descendant of the famous witch from the 11th century.

    Indeed, his genealogy can be traced back to this century, to the witch by the name of Julia Pikingill, who has a mystical personality and was a close adviser of the Lord.



    Pikingill itself was very annoying and unpleasant personality who terrorized and mocked the local people and his neighbors. However, many people respected this warlock because of his magical abilities, as he often used his healer skills to help people cure different diseases. Pikingill also called as Aleister Crowley of the 19th century. He was proclaimed as a henchman of Satan and the owner of strong dark magical powers.

Sage Abramelin



    The true story of this person of the 15th century – a magician Abramelin, was lost. However, his legacy lives on in the form of thousands of followers and imitators. Abramelin was a strong warlock, which was described by the Abraham Wurzburg, who was himself a disciple of the magician, who persuaded Abramelin to send him his secrets. Abraham made a laborious work on the Abramelins magic system, including the complex processes how to command the spirits, evil and the good one.



    The system was based on the magical symbols that could be activated only at a certain time and with the help of certain rituals.

    In 1900, the manuscript was published in the book under the title “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin”. The book became an instant hit in the occult community, and has made an immediate impact on the notorious practitioners, including such as Aleister Crowley.

Eliphas Levi



    Sorcerer Alphonse Louis Constant - better known as Eliphas Levi Zahed. In his adulthood a warlock has demanded to translate his name on his mother tongue - Hebrew. It is worth to notice that Eliphas also well-known not only as a strong sorcerer, but also as a very wise man.  All his life he has studied very deep a variety of different magic.



    He studied such items of witchcraft as divination on the Tarot cards and some other types of magic as texts of the ancient alchemists. This is what in set we exactly can call an occultism today. This was the original form of occultism made by Levi.

    Levi almost became a priest, taught theology and considered it not as a religion. This is one of the most charismatic personalities known having such a vast knowledge of magic.

    Manuscript “Baphomet” is considered to be his best work.

Predictor Nostradamus



    The most famous predictor and no less famous warlock - Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566), author of the “Centuries” prophetic poem, which predicts significant and considerable events in the world history up to the year 3797. He was court astrologer and physician of the French King Henry II.



    In the year 1564 one of the most famous magicians predicted to the son of Antoine de Bourbon Navarre royal throne. After 26 years he came to the throne and began to rule under the name of Henry IV. Predictor Nostradamus also could see St. Bartholomew night, and the execution of King Charles I, and many other events, subsequently described in the novels of Dumas.

Wolf Messing



    Wolf Messing – is one of the most famous magicians of the last century, considered to be not only predictor but also a powerful warlock.

    His name is another famous name from the list around which preserved an aura of a mystery. As the great magician and seer Wolf Messing was forced to become a personal prophet of Stalin. Wolf Messing could read the thoughts of other people and at the same time could put into a trance thousands of people.



    The history actually shows that behind every leader was a strong warlock or sorcerer. Nikolai II - Emperor of the Russian state as such was Gregory Rasputin, who had in the royal family of great influence, moreover, who treated Tsarevich. Adolf Hitler - a predictor and a personal astrologer Eric Yang Ganussen who paid for his prophecies of his life. And Joseph Stalin during spiritual experiences also turned to the holy Matrona of Moscow.

    With the submission of the most famous magicians in the history, today, in the modern world, we can say that sorcerers, like the witches do not necessarily possess magical and supernatural powers. People that often were called as warlocks in ancient times were in fact just astrologists or healers, who understood the effect of various herbs and plants and their effects on the body and healing effects.


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