Women that were named “Witch” by history


    Witch is a woman that has special abilities and knowledge, she can magic, knows much about nature force, that one who can communicate with spirits, demons and so on. There are evil and white witches, it depends on what kind of magic she uses and what for.

    Evil sorcerers induced a lot of fear. They were doing much harm to others. That is why bad witches were hunted and killed. All this took massive character in middle ages. Many women were arrested on suspicion of witchcraft, they had to pass threw “Witch trail”. In these trials suspects were interrogated, tortured and humiliated. In most cases, such processes ended with the death of women.




    Unfortunately in all times people were afraid of everything they can’t understand, white magic was scaring them also.

    Historians have found a huge number of lists with the names of murdered witches. Some of them have become famous by their deeds and entered into the history forever.

    Historians have named the three most prominent witches.

The Blood Countess



    The Bloody Lady of Csejte is given name of Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, she is well known by a huge number of murders of innocent girls, for her cruelty and passion to black magic.

    Elizabeth Bathory was born in a very rich family with a big power in kingdom, her date of birth is 7 August 1560. She was very clever child with a big interest to studying, parents gave her good education and at age of fifteen countess could read and write, was able to speak three languages. At an early age, family noticed excessive cruelty of the girl. Elizabeth liked to punish maidservants, she could beat them with a whip up blood.

    She was married with Ferenc Nádasdy, and moved to a Csejte Castle, her wedding gift from parents. Husband was absent for long periods, he was taken parts in war against the Ottomans, this allowed the Countess get out of control. She was strongly attracted to violence, for any fault maids were severely punished, their bodies were pierced with needles in different places, cruel Bathory could burn girl’s hair on the head and body, cut off thir fingers, in the house there were rooms of torture. Many of the victims could not stand it and died. New workers were recruited among daughters of poor peasants that had no rights or any protection.  Local rumors were telling stories about cruel witch from the castle.



    When her husband died the situation worsened. She found new passion love – young maid Darvuliya, who shared cruelty. Together they liked to force them to work naked and sometimes put them outside in the cold and doused with ice water. Dozens of bodies were secretly taken away from castle.

    Soon Darvulia got ill and died. The Bloody Lady whipped all her anger on working girls.

    Years passed and Elizabeth began to notice the first wrinkles. She ordered to invite witch Mayorova. She discovered the secret of the youth to countess: Elizabeth had to take a bath of girl’s blood.

    In 1610 Bathory’s crimes became known to the king, they were ruining the reputation of her family and the whole kingdom, as rumors had been spread far beyond the state.

    Countess and her aides were arrested. Mayorova was declared as witch and died under torture, and then her body was burned. Thanks to family ties sentence for Elizabeth was softened. Countess was leaven her alive, but it was ordered to wall up Bathory in her own room with small window for food and air. After four years she died there.

    There was Countess’s diary in which she wrote down how many girls perished and from what they died. There were more then 650 girls in the list.



Lucrecia Borgia

    Lucrecia Borgia was a very beautiful woman. Many men were in love with her, it was rumored that she had used sorcery to bewitch men. This witch was born 18 of April 1480 and died in 24 of June 1519.




    Lucrecia was a daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Her father was very keen to power, this man did not stop at anything.

    Young Lucrecia was charming and at 11 years old she began to attract men. Very soon she realized her gift and began to improve it. According to rumors she had many lovers, even both her brothers were in love with her. They were killing rivals out of jealousy. Girl was manipulating men, playing the games that were no longer children.

    Alexander VI noticed the gift of his daughter and decided to use it. He ordered her to bewitch men. Thus there were three marriages, which were beneficial for the Pope's power and could increase the wealth of the family. All husbands were killed by Lucrecia Borgia.

    Father admired so much with his daughter that would not let her go anywhere, he also tried to protect her from the nickname “witch” that started to follow the lady. She lived with him in the Vatican and had access in those places where woman never set foot before. Father did not want dilution of blood and had an affair with Lucrecia.



    Death pursued all lovers of this girl. Brother killed the other one, because of love for his sister. Their affair continued even at the time when she lived in the Vatican.

    After Alexander VI lost his power, Lucrecia Borgia moved to province and began to lead a modest and pious life. It is said she was trying to atone for her sins.

    On her tombstone there are these words: "Here lies Lucrecia Borgia, daughter, wife and bride-Pope Alexander VI».

    Historians have found rings that can carry inside a poison or a love potion.  Many different recipes of love potions and poisons belonged to her. Many residents of Italy know her as a witch.


Jeanne d'Arc




    This woman is a national heroine of France. But for many years she was considered as a witch.

    When Jeanne was 16 years old, an angel appeared to her and told that she would lead the army and save the King of France. The girl was very religious and decided to carry out God's will. She appealed to the head of the city with a request to arrange a meeting with the king. On the fifth time the man was surprised with persistence of girl but decided to fulfill her request.

    The day of the meeting was appointed. The King Charles VII  decided to test the girl and he sat another man on the throne, meanwhile he changed his dress and stand among ordinary court. As soon as Jeanne d'Arc entered the room, she immediately turned to the king and pointed him out in the crowd. She made an impression on him, the king listened to her and decided to give a small military detachment. Before to start the military campaign, she appealed to the Sainte-Catherine-de-Ferbua church to allow her to take the sword, which was legendary, but no one knew where it was hidden. She was directed by God and easily found him. This incident took off her all suspicion, and no one dared to call her a witch in France.



    Jeanne d’Arc was declared as a messenger of God and that she was destined to free the country from the British conquerors. And she lived up to her promises. All military campaigns under her leadership were successful. Jeanne returned the throne to Charles.

    In 1430, she was captured and handed over to the England. There woman was convicted. During the interrogation, the Jeanne d’Arc told about the divine mission. But nobody listened to her words and in a few months later she was condemned for witchcraft and connection with the devil. She was burned as a witch.




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