Witchcraft on Christmas Eve

    The “Magic” – this word has a definition that usually means a system of thinking that allows a person apply to secret forces of universe or other occult knowledge to have an influence on events that are happening in the real time. This influence can be showed in a different ways like changing of future, changing of matter, effect on peoples mind and others.



Types of Magic

    Usually people considered this system of thinking being distinct from the religion, but in fact religion has the same ways of influence on the world, people and matter. Today there are few different practices of magic:

    • Fortune-telling (prophecy);

    • Astrology;

    • Sorcery;

    • Witchcraft;

    • Alchemy;

    • Mediums;

    • Necromancy.

    For most people magic is something mysterious and unclear. Some believe that magic is only tricks or very good created illusion. Even people that believe in magic as it is mostly don’t see it in everyday life and think that the magic is something rare and inaccessible for normal people. But in fact every person in our world use magic in everyday life and even doesn’t know about that.



    It is sure that magic exist and we use it daily even without knowing. Magic is usually more accessible for women, because it’s believed that women do have this secret and mysterious connection with universe that actually gives us this superpower. That’s why most amount of people that use witchcraft woman that are called after this practice – witches.

White magic – creation and healing

    All types of magic we can divide into two types: white magic and black (dark) magic. The white magic is a type of practice which is not dangerous and mostly brings light and happiness. The white magic is also the most affordable type of magic which we can use every day. If you want to use white magic forget about kids stories like magic wand and black cats, the only thing you need is your faith or complete belief.



    White magic, or people also call it good magic, can solve a lot of different problems of your life or life of your friends, lovers and family members. White magic as also dark magic use different spells and rituals to make or get what witch or sorcerer (man that uses witchcraft) want.  Rituals and spells that were used by white magic with light sources bring only creation but not destruction.



    Black (dark) magic – huge inner source of power

    Dark magic is totally different. Witches and sorcerers that use dark black magic usually ask for power from dad people or bad creatures like devil or demons. Mostly black magic people use to take control under someone’s will. At this point dark magic for sure can be destroying not only for person which will was taken under control but also make harm to the witch and the person that asked to make this spell.



    But on the other point black magic or witchcraft can bring not only black mysteries and bad luck but also in some extra cases darkness can help to heal very ill or even dying person. White magic usually can’t make so strong spells or rituals. Black dark witches not always bad, mostly these are the people that just have dark souls and which can keep this dark strong energy not flowing without control.

Religion and Magic

    In Slavic religion there is a tradition to make spells and some rituals on Christmas. From the earliest times in every culture such holiday was a fully religious day. That is why there is a belief that on this day once a year all the spirits come to the earth and bring a lot of power which can be used by every person to make spells, to heal, to make rituals and so on.



    From this side we can say that religion and magic have some cross lines that considered to be seen only on holidays. People wear masks, costumes to transform themselves into other persons, not to let the spirits see them or guess them. The same you can see on Halloween and others. The very deep meaning of this witchcraft lies in the ancient times when there was no religion like Christianity. Such days like Christmas were the holy days of season changing and Gods were real humans, which were coming to other people with God grace or Divine wrath. s

Witchcraft on Christmas



    There are a lot of different spiritual things that you can do on Christmas to wiz or to hex. Some people wiz for love, some for money, and some for health. To conjure for love is the most popular ritual and spell on Christmas Eve. If you want to wiz you can use for example mirrors.

Guessing on the mirrors



    The one who is guessing must go into the back room, sit in front of the big mirror and take of all the jewelry that she has. Than the gad should take the smaller mirror and put two candles on the both sides of the big mirror and put the smaller mirror so it should reflect in a bigger one. There is a belief that if the girl will ask who is Mr. Right for her the mirror will show him to her.

The fortune-telling dream



    The one who wants to have a fortune-telling dream on Christmas Eve should put a brash under her pillow, lie down and close her eyes. Then she should ask Mr. Right to come to into her dream and brash her hair.

Tarot cards rituals



    One of the most popular guessing is with Tarot cars. A lot of girls that believe in witchcraft use Tarot cards on Christmas Eve to predict their future, or to guess a lover or money or a child even. If you want to do guessing with Tarot cards the best way is to do it late at night with candle light and mirror in front of you.   When you do guessing a lot of witches say that you can also see your future or something very important in the mirror.


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