Top 10 movies about witches ever showed on screen

 Witchcraft, magic, spells and incantations - all this is a pretty broad topic, which is often used in the movies. Who as a child did not want to become a magician, have unique supernatural powers or practice some magic? Not all our dreams remain to stay in the youth, some dreams we take with us into adulthood.



    And what do you think about movies about mystics and magic? We offer you a unique list of the best movies about witches.  Here are you can see top ten movies that feature some of the most funny and terrifying and the most deadly women to employ dark and white magic.


    1. “Hocus Pocus”


    This is probably one of the best movies about witches and witchcraft that was ever shown on screen. The movie is about the three witch sisters who were brought back to life after 300 years of death by an accident.   The skeptical young boy brought them back and need now to save all the Salem little children. Max his sister and a talking cat have to track them down.


2.  “The Witches of Eastwick”



    How will you react if the man of your dream appears to be a devil? Three women that tried to use their magic in a way to create their perfect man in a movie



    “Witches of the Eastwick” meet a troublesome in the face of Jack Nicholson, who plays a Devil. Witchcraft, magic, different spells, sorcery – the full package you will get watching this movie.


3. “The Craft”




    Who said that there cannot be any magic in a Catholic church? A new schoolgirl gets friends with the three girls that practice magic and witchcraft. The young girls discovered that their powers getting stronger when they do magic all together. Everything seems to be fine until one of the girlfriends went too far. This teenage movie is about how to be friends, how to use practical magic and how to believe in you.


4. “The Witches”



    One of the best classic movies about witchcraft, that is already for 20 years being one of the most loved movies about magic, fantasy and sorcery. A little boy accidentally got on a convention.



    However, it appears that these witches are not a good one. The little boy finds out that the only purpose of the convention is to turn all the children into mice.


5.  “The Blair Witch Project”



    This scary movie was released on screens in 1999. This movie is one of the most interesting and popular movies about witchcraft and curses in a horror style. The story is about of three students who study cinemas that were sent into the woods of Maryland to make a documentary movie about a local old horror legend - The Blair Witch. According to the story, everyone who got in her possession was doomed and never returned home. The same fate befalls and these young people.


6. “Practical Magic”



    Two witch sisters were born in a mystic family that was cursed.  Every young man who falls in love with a woman of this family will face with an untimely death. When one the sisters realize that time is approaching for the man who she loves, the two sisters come together with their aunts to fight the forces of the darkness and to find out a way to break the curse.


7. “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”



    This movie first appeared on screens in 1971. The main characters of the movie about witches are a witch, her three sons and man who travel using the magic bed.  They all the time get into a variety of intractable situation. The witch and the man are in a search of unique spells that will help England to win in the war against the Nazis. We need to note the fact that the film is referred as a musical comedy. It is a great movie for those who adore witch theme, travel and adventure, and for all who believe in magic and sorcery.


8. “Sleepy Hollow”



    Great movie made by Tim Burton in 1999 is about one of most mystical places - Sleepy Hollow. With the amazing cast Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci and Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon this movie became one of the most loved stories about magic and mystics.



    Events take place in 1799 in New York. Young Constable named Ichabod Crane arrives in a very small and godforsaken village with the strange Sleepy Hollow to start investigating a series of mysterious murders that took place there. Locals in one voice insist that all accidents killed a mysterious Headless Horseman. In addition, the killer takes the heads of their victims. But Ichabod sure that someone is cleverly disguised and deceives everyone. But he soon realizes that the Headless Horseman really exists


9.  “Witch Hunters”



    Two wonderful kids are in the gingerbread house. The old story about Hansel and Gretel on a new way was shown in 2013. The stepmother brought kids to the wood as they should be given to an old witch. They killed an old witch and after 15 years became witch hunters that are strong and brave that are looking for witches and hunt them. But they will be faced with something strong and more than scary. And so the past can be much more dangerous than their present.


10. “The Last Witch Hunter”



    One more movie that actually deserves your attention and should be included in the top 10 movie list. The world is full of secrets, and there are so many unknown and unexplored facts and things, that can take your breath away. And one of the secrets that are quite real - witches. For centuries they fought the army of specially trained hunters. But nowadays there is only one of hunters – the last witch hunter Calder. Once he managed to destroy the invincible queen, but it does not mean that the war is over.


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