Top 10 the most famous wizards from the screen

    Everyone knows who is wizard. He is a man that can magic, and he can be good or evil. There are many stories and fairies about magicians. But have they existed and can we find them in modern life is unknown. But what is for sure, you can see them on a screen. There are lot of movies and cartoons all over the world. Some of them became really popular and made their heroes famous.

    Here is a list of the most famous wizards that appeared on a screen.

    10. Baltazar, The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010. This fantasy movie became very popular. According to viewers the most interesting character is Baltazar Blake. He is a good wizard who is trying to find student for him, to stop evil magicians and to save his love. During the whole movie Baltazar is working hard under the task to protect people.  Hero was played by Nicolas Cage, his performance gave unforgettable charm to the character, and Baltazar became well known to every continent.



   9. Eragon, Eragon

    Eragon is a main character of fantasy novel “Eragon”. He is a dragon’s rider and magician. His aim to win the great war and to make his country free.

    This novel was very popular among young generation. In 2006 filmed was released and fans could see there hero on the screen.



    8. Aang, Avatar: The Last Airbender

    This is an animated series from America. In the cartoon you will find big world, here some people can control forces of nature: water, air, earth and fire. This series was influenced by Asian culture that is why all characters know Wushu and use it for activation their magic.

    Main hero is twelve years boy, named Aang, Avatar. He is very special child, who became strong wizard. Avatar is the only one who had survived among airbenders. He has many friends and two pets: flying Bison and lemur with wings.

    Children from all over the world love this animation. In the USA, September 2006, the show was ranked fifth among the 15 highest-rated local cable programs on TV. Producers decided to use the popularity of the Aang and make more money on it. Avatar became character of anime, comics, manga. And later people could see their favorite magician boy in the cinema.



    7. Jafar, Aladdin

    There is big generation that was raised on Walt Disney Pictures cartoons. Lot of children and adults will easily name you more then 10 characters from these animations.

    “Aladdin” is one of the best cartoons and its heroes are loved in every part of our planet.

    Jafar is negative character, but this does not prevent his fame. He is mysterious and passionless, wizard who is hungry for power. Jafar use an evil spells to grab Agrabah.



    6. Anton Gorodetsky, Night Watch

    Anton Gorodetsky is one of the famous wizards on Russian speaking territory. He is a main character of book series and since 2000 year you can see him on the screen. Anton is a soldier of the White Army.

    Culture experts, sociologists, folklorists study the philosophy of this fictional world, psychology of Anton Gorodetsky, cultural phenomenon and influence of book.

    Russian pop band dedicated a song to this man, which held top of the local charts for half of the year.



   5. Merlin

    Merlin is character of legends about The King Arthur. This man was the mentor of the king, and practiced good magic. It was he who gave advice to Arthur to take part in the tournament and pull a sword from a stone.

    There are seven films where Merlin is a main hero and 10 more where he play secondary role. You can meet him in eight serials and in six cartoons.

    Lot of music was dedicated to him; more than one musical group took his name for its title; there are several operas with this name.

    In 1982 one of the craters on Mimas, moon of Saturn, was named Merlin.




    4. Wizard of OZ

    Good wiz is a ruler of unknown Land of OZ. He is one of the oldest wizards that appeared on a screen. Actually first time people saw him in 1908 year. It was silent film with 120 minutes of running time. The hero was played by Sam 'Smiling' Jones.

    Later, there appeared four more silent movies. And only in 1939 people could hear how Mister OZ is speaking.  In that film he was played by Frank Morgan, it is interesting that actor played several more roles in the same film.

    In 2013 the Great OZ appeared in 3D cinema.

    Since its first appearance on the screen, the wizard became famous throughout the world. And still children like to hear stories about him, to read books, and watch films.




    3. Gandalf/Albus Dumbledore

    We decided to put both wizards together on the one line. Because their fame is equal one another. Both of these characters are from books that were written by English writers. Gandalf and Albus are well known and loved all over the world.

    Albus Dumbledore is a director of magic school, the strongest wizard, kind, clever and charismatic person. He appears in all eight movies about Harry Potter.

    Gandalf is one of the main heroes of Lord of the Rings; he also appears in film Hobbit. He is a good magician, warrior, good friend and clever man.

    Their images have become very popular at costume parties.

    They are often being quote; they also became the heroes of various anecdotes.

    In new Zeland there is a fifty cent coin with Gandalf’s image on it. Also he got 28th place among 100 best characters.





    2. Harry Potter

   Popularity of movies about Harry Potter is breaking all records. Today it is one of the most recognizable images.

    Several entertainment centers with attractions were opened in honor of him.

    In 2002 Bill Gates appeared in the image during the public speech.

    All the time people are curious about this boy, they search information about him, read magazines, and special books, watch documental films. There is a man with the same name Harry Potter, he lives in United States and every day he receives lots of mails and phone calls.



    1. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus (or Ded Moroz in Russian speaking countries) is the most favorite magician of the world. Every child can tell you his biography, what he likes, what is his job. His task is to bring the happiness to every person on our planet.

    He can be found in more than 100 motion pictures. Every year his image broadcasted on TV during month. Every year, its popularity reaches its peak during the Christmas holidays.

    To him we give the honorable first place.



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