Seven Ukrainian Wonders

    Ukraine has a millennial, incredible story. For many years this country was a part of other states and empires. It also participated in a variety of the numerous military conflicts. All this could not fail to leave its mark on a historical and cultural map of this beautiful sunny and soulful country. Seven Wonders of Ukraine - is a program that has its origins in 2007 and was established at the initiative of Mykola Tomenko. This wonderful project was aimed at active popularization of the tourism industry in Ukraine. Regional offices have advanced thousands of objects, which, in their opinion, were worthy of such high rank as the 7 Wonders of Ukraine. Of course, to choose the 7 really the biggest Wonders of Ukraine out of such a huge amount - is not an easy task.



    The main task of the first stage of this program was to weed out the majority of applicants and thus reduce their number to 100. The hard choice has fallen on the shoulders of these experts and professionals in the areas of history, culture and tourism business of Ukraine. Subsequently, this list has been reduced to just 21 applicants, of which later seven wonders of Ukraine were chosen.



    In the last stage, each decision could be assisted by leaving your vote on the official website of the contest, which was conducted online. There was a time when voting was suspended due to attempts of falsification, but fortunately, the situation was resolved in the end and we got our deserved winners. Besides the winners and nominees, many objects are worthy of special international awards. For example, the Livadian Palace - a monument of modern history, the Ostrog Castle - is the spiritual monument.

    So, there are 7 Wonders in the state of Ukraine that you have to see:

Khotyn fortress



    Khotyn Fortress is located in a small town called Khotyn, which is located in the Chernovtsy region of Ukraine. This is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and the first Ukrainian wonder, which recently celebrated its 1000th year anniversary of the foundation.



    The fortress was built by the ancient Slavs and had an important defensive role and position. In the middle of the XIII century, Prince Danila Galitsky ordered to replace the wooden walls on stone walls, and the fortress became similar to the outlines which preserved till today.

Khortytsya Island and Zaporizhzhya Sich



    The Khortytsya Island (where the Zaporizhia Sich was founded by the kozaks) - it is an island of the great beauty of the Dnieper River and the second Ukrainian wonder.



    Archaeological finds indicate that it was inhabited by the Scythian tribes, but it became popular and world-known due to the Ukrainian Cossacks. The first fortification was built in 1556 by order of Hetman Dmitry Vishnevetzky.

National dendrological park Sofiyivka



    National dendrological park Sofiyivka is located in the city of Uman that is located in the Cherkassy region. This is one of the most outstanding monuments of landscape architecture XVIII - XIX century and the third Ukrainian wonder.



    This park was built as an expensive gift from Count Potocki to his beloved wife Sofia. Exotic plants, shady alleys, lots of ponds, ancient sculptures, stone caves - this is not an exhaustive list of what you can see in this beautiful park.

Kamenetz-Podolsky Castle - reserve "Kamenetz"



    City Kamenetz-Podolsk is called - The International Open-Air Museum. The real gem of this old and even ancient city is a fortress, which, according to some sources was founded already in the XII century. It seems as if the fortress is growing directly from the rock cliffs. In general, the city has 175 buildings monuments of ancient Slavic culture and is known as the forth Ukrainian wonder.

Sophia Cathedral



    Sophia Cathedral - it is the greatest monument of the ancient and Byzantine architecture and is known as the fifth Ukrainian wonder. In our times it is not just a famous and the well-known piece of art but also is considered as a masterpiece of architecture.



    The cathedral is interesting for the people and tourists from all over the world primarily with its interior with many mosaics and frescoes. Sophia Cathedral was built at the beginning of the XI century and immediately it became the center of all Christianity in Kievan Rus.

Hersonissos (Chersonese)



    Chersonese was a Greek colony founded in the 422 BC and it is located in the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula, and is known as the sixth Ukrainian wonder. It was inhabited mostly with the artisans. Mainly because of the military-political reasons, the city ceased to exist in the XV century. The first archaeological excavations were carried out only at the end of the XIX century.

Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra



    Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is located in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. On the hills of the right bank of the Dnieper River majestically located - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. It is the cradle of monasticism and Christianity of Kievan Rus.  It is called the cave because the cave is a system in which the first monks settled just below the Lavra. During its long history, the monastery has experienced many wars and revolutions. It can be considered a miracle that this unique structure has reached our days that is why it is known as the seventh Ukrainian wonder.


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